Butterflies on The Rocks Stud Earrings

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Introducing you to our Butterflies on The Rocks Stud Earrings, inspired by the moment when we would catch this beautiful insect resting peacefully on the rock in the forest. Made of amber stone and 925 sterling silver, this pair of stud earrings will be a reminder of how beautiful nature can be if only we look a little closer to what is around us. 

We are proud to introduce you to our Butterflies on The Rocks Stud Earrings as part of our newest collection. Each of our jewelry pieces is handmade with great details and care. Our mission is to use jewelry pieces as part of our belief in stopping deforestations all over the world, protecting the oceans, and fighting against global warming.

When you purchase our jewelry pieces, you become part of our movement. To read more about our mission and what we support, please go to Our Mission.

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Earrings are very beautiful! Always order in this store, product is always of the highest quality. They offered several options of finished products. They are always very friendly and sociable. They put a napkin for me to wipe it too! Delivery very fast, just 10 days to.

Beautiful Piece of Art!!!

This is such a great art. I don't call these as just jewelry pieces. It's art. You guys did a great job. This is my first time. The shipping took about 2 weeks. Which is fine. Considering it's free shipping. I am located in Baldwin, Long Island, NY. So it's okay.. I love it. Will buy more soon!!